Ngadinah: It will pass soon!


Hargobinangun, Yogyakarta, Indonesia – 30/10/10 – 04:00 West Indonesia Time. Ngadinah shocked by the roaring voice of explosion coming from above her neighborhood of Boyong sub-village, Hargobinangun, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

It was about dawn of 00.40, today. Her husband and their daughter in law also woke up. Their son ran their motorcycle promptly, transporting firstly Padmowiyono, the old father of about seventy year old.

He dropped Padmowiyono to Disaster Oasis, the disaster training centre operated by Yakkum Emergency Unit (YEU), which has been set up for refugee camp since 26 October 2010 when Mt.Merapi almost erupted.

Thousands of people flocked in panics, made the road traffic jam and disorder in this very dawn. The situation worsened by the falling sands and ash raining.

It’s still fresh in their minds the incident happened in Kinahrejo sub-village during the late afternoon of Tuesday, 26 October 2010 when Merapi erupted firstly this time.

Sixteen people died swept off by the pyroclastic flow of cloud of super heated gases from the eruption, and the whole Kinahrejo dried and almost flattened down to earth. The gas temperature is estimated as high as six hundred centigrade. Ngadinah was one of those panics people.

Meet Ngadinah among the displaced people were not so difficult. She has a strong face, straight and bold sight from her eyes. After she calm down her mind, she boldly expressed her mind.

“Why then you slept in your home while most of the people were in their respective refugee camps?”

Ngadinah smile. She did not answer for a while as if she tried to hide something. Finally she told what she thinks.

“Well,… I have cows. Precisely three of them. Our family, like many others in our neighborhood, has been raising cows for milk. It has a good price, two thousand and eight hundred rupiahs per liter.

We sell it to a coop where we are the member of it. I need to wake up at four every morning to prepare milking at five. How can you sleep well in this kind of crowded barracks while your mind off to your cows at home?”

During the eruption period of Mt.Merapi, most of the people sleep in their respective refugee camps at night, and visit their home during the day to feed their animals, or doing something else at home or on their farms. But many of them quietly went up to their home villages, sleep at their beloved homes.

“There are always many things to do at home. How poor those cows if we did not milk them twice a day” , Ngadinah added smiling. Her daughter in law was also smiling.

“God won’t give you bad things in fact. But yes, we need to be wise in maintain our lives. Pray for only good things during this difficult time. It will pass soon”, the old Ngadinah advises.

(prepared by Abang Rahino for Yakkum Emergency Unit).

Caption for picture:
Ngadinah believes that the Almighty God won’t give people bad things. What people need to do is simply to be wise in maintain their lives (picture by Abang Rahino)

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