Schooling That Goes

      Wisma Nazareth – Banteng Parish, Yogyakarta, Indonesia – 25/11/10 – 12:00 West Indonesia Time.  There are twenty elementary students, six junior high and six senior high schools students among the IDPs with Yakkum Emergency Unit refuged in Banteng Parish, Yogyakarta. As the eruption of Mt.Merapi caused their home villages and schools are in the endangered range or even already totally damaged this last one month, those students were not able going to school as they were to be.
     There are not alone though. Throughout Yogyakarta, there are 3,095 preschool students and 13,080 elementary students have the same experience, while at the neighboring province of Central Java there are 16,193 students from various levels from preschool to senior high. They are coming from Magelang City, Magelang Regency, Klaten Regency and Boyolali Regency.

     Kunto Nugroho HP, the Head of Educational Office of Central Java Province as quoted by (9 Nov) said that the amount is fluctuated due to the mobility of the IDPs. Beside the IDP students, school programs in areas for refuge are also disturbed as so many schools facilities have been utilized as refugee camps. Tens of thousands students in non impacted areas in both provinces have also have impacts on their schooling process.

     Sri Widayati, the Head of Disaster Response for Educational Office of Yogyakarta Province as quoted by (10/11) mentioned that her office has been coordinating with all the Office of Educational Affair from all over regencies in Yogyakarta Province, to facilitate the students from affected areas to join schooling at the nearest schools from their IDP camps.
As for the students with YEU in Banteng Parish, Heru “Bunder”, the Head of Psychosocial Interventions for Children said today (25/11), that all of the students with YEU have been participated in nearby schools since 16 November.

We are Enjoy Here
     Rengga, a four grader from Banteng Elementary Public School nearby Boyong said that he enjoys to join the local school nearby the IDP camp.

    “I have more friends now, also I can catch up with the materials”, said Rengga cheerfully.
    Yuli, a five grader also expresses his joy having the chance to go to a nearby school from his IDP camp. He also coming from Banteng Elementary Public School at Boyong.

    “My new friends expresses their hospitality, they are kind friends…” Yuli said as he mentioned that he has no problem with his new friends.

     Another IDP students Galan and Aldi expressed the same thing. Not only they spoke, but learning on how those IDP students play and interact with their new friends freely and cheerfully, give a clear picture that the integration to the host schools work well.

     Fredi, a student from host school also is also happy to have lots of new friends. He learn that his new friends have no problem with their schooling.

     “They did well with our weekly test…” said Fredi, who also said that even if his new friends will be longer to his school he and his friends will be happy.

Lack of Chair
     Indah Lestari, the Head Master of Bhakti Karya Elementary Public School who hosts the IDP students said that there is no serious problem when her school suddenly has more students. Indah said that Bhakti Karya host forty IDP students from various different schools in affected areas.
     “If there would be a problem, it is surely related to the availability of bench for them to sit. We then suggest three students to occupy one bench rather than two as it used to be.

     Even though that, Indah Lestari takes a policy to accept whatever the number students from affected areas who want to study at her school. She surely belief that there’ll be problem solving for any problem arisen.

     Theresia Sundari, the Head Master from affected school learns that students are all enjoy to the new situation.

     “Both students from my school, Banteng Elementary Public School at Boyong, and the host students here are all happy with this situation. They interact cheerfully. Even, there will be more students from another host schools will join this school” said Theresia.

     Another problem that both Head Masters exercise is the availability of fund to support text books and stationery for IDP students. They already submitted the data of the incoming new students to the Educational Office of Sleman Regency, but so far there still no response from them to provide either text books of fund.

     “We really hoping that once we submit the report then they respond efficiently and quickly as the show must go on” said Indah Lestari (prepared by Abang Rahino for Yakkum Emergency Unit)



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Oase in Disaster - Yakkum Emergency Unit This blog is official blog of Yakkum Emergency Unit Member of ACT Alliance and Member of Humanitarian Forum of Indonesia. The contents of this blog covers the YEU's activities related to emergency responds activities in Indonesia. Currently, we are working in emergency respon in three different areas; to respond Wasior flash-flood affected people in Manokwari, West Papua, tsunami-Mentawai affected people in Mentawai, West Sumatera, and Merapi Volcano Eruption in Central Java and Yogyakarta. At the national level, we are coordinating within the network of Humanitarian Forum of Indonesia (HFI) and at the International level we're coordinating with Global Network for Disaster Reduction and ACT Alliance. Email: Follow us in twitter @yeu2001
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