Mentawai Response Progress Report Januari 2011

Progress Report

Area                       : North Pagai, Mentawai Island

Reporting date         : January 2011

Field officer             : dr Tay, Mesih Andana .Amd.Kep, Stev




Mobile clinic

On January 4th, 2011, YEU’s mobile clinic (1 doctor and 1 nurse) took place in Taikako Trans 8. The health service served 46 patients and YEU mobile clinic team also diagnosed 1 patient needs to be referred to Sikakap local health center for more intensive treatment (minor surgery).


Due to accelerate the recovery of Mr. Christian who had minor surgery, YEU conducted scheduled home care to help in cleaning the wound and replacing the bandage. Home care was conducted every day from 5 – 10 January 2011.


Provision of Hygiene kits

On January 4th 2011, YEU had distributed 125 packages of hygiene kits for 125 households (soap, children and adult toothpaste, washing detergent, towel, shampoo) in Taikako Trans 8. Prior to the distribution, hygiene promotion was given involving children and adult from the camp. Based on the need of clean water, communal work was conducted by community and YEU to repair the installment. YEU also facilitated pipes, 30 brooms of split coconut midribs, 150 dustbins, 15 hoes, 15 harrows, 6 barrows and 3 first aid kits.


Focus Group Discussion

YEU held an FGD to gain suggestion and participation of community in the camp to find out any update issues and communities’ needs. Triggered by poor facilitation in the camp which could affect community health, YEU asked community to come together to keep health quality, keep the good sanitation, throw waste on its place and keep the toilet clean.

At the discussion, the community shared their needs in order to keep their health quality. Firstly, the community need generator to support any activity (village meeting, night prayer) in community center. Secondly, cadres need medical equipments (baby scale, height gauge, notes book for administration). Thirdly, community needs gardening kits (machete, axe) to support their gardening activity. The tool kits are very vital to support their economy post Tsunami. Fourthly, cadres need supplementary feeding (PMT) for baby under five years old, baby affected by Tsunami (orphan because of Tsunami) and baby with malnutrition.

From the FGD, YEU and community agreed to confirm and clarified the result of need mapping to wider community members at Taikako Trans 8 camp. Furthermore, YEU hand on hand with community will share the need mapping to other stakeholders. Oscar, the camp coordinator, initiated all heads of sub-villages, youth groups, cadres in the camp to hold another meeting to formulate relevant activities which can be facilitated by YEU and other organizations.


Psychosocial Activities

On January 5th 2011, re- assessment on psychosocial was conducted to analyze the relevant intervention in Taikako Trans 8. Based on in depth discussion with youth group and adult group, sports especially volley ball and takraw were a vital activity for refreshment after working all day long. Post Tsunami, everything has gone including sport activity. Priest Oscar from GKPM convinced YEU that sport activity is one of vital activities to overcome communities’ trauma. The Ephorus also added that sport is one of local community coping mechanism and GKPM is also willing to mediate YEU and community for further psychosocial activity.

In January, several meetings had been held by Community and YEU in planning psychosocial intervention in Taikako Trans 8. First intervention on psychosocial program was facilitating sport equipments (3 volley balls, 3 takraw balls, 6 nets, 3 needle valves, 6 whistles). On January 15, 2011 YEU along with community worked together to prepare the field. As expected before, sport activity could bring togetherness and there was so much joy and fun. The community seemed has forgotten their problems for a while.

Nowadays the field has been used every day by the community in camp. After facilitating sport equipments, YEU saw different faces, their faces look happier. Community has started to work in communal to find food again. Based on FGD result, community in Taikako Trans 8 needs room to speak out and share their problems. The sharing activity is important to keep the hopes post Tsunami and YEU plans to facilitate this activity in February 2011.


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