Living in Harmony is the Strongest Foundation

Without walls! Not an analogy, but in literally meaning. The school building is without wall, with leaking roof,  decrepit benches, muddy yard and no electricity. Located in the middle of the field, with mostly barefoot students, worn-out uniform, minimum books, no library, and other limitations

This school once had a complete building, but was dertyoyed by earthquake in 2005.  The government had rebuilt three semi-permanent classrooms in 2006, but it was in a poor quality and in three years, it began to callapse.

One of UN agency cancelled their plan to build theschool, simply because there were no access for trucks to transport the materials to the site.There are four emergency bridges that connects Lahusa sub-district office to Hiligambukha elementary school, but these bridges are not strong enough to be passed by heavy-loaded trucks.

“For me, it is enough as long as the pupils could study with out affected by rain and direct sunlight. Moreover, if we could have a library for them, and also electricity” said Sokhiaro Halawa, the Head master of SD Hiligambukha. As supported by, Iradat, one of the teacher,  “when it rains, we should ask the students to go home, because they could not study at school due to leaking roofs, and flooded  floor ” .  

Seeing those pitiful conditions, YEU tried to facilitate retrofiting for SD Hiligambukha. However, to implement this program is not an easy thing. Problem on land ownership and its borders should be resolved by the community them selves, because the land of the school is belong to individuals. Consencuss building about community’s self-support and self-managerial in retrofitting program was developed before the retrofitting started.

Saroasa Harefa (Teacher) and Foalasa Harefa (School committe) organized school and respective community to obtain relocation building permit from education department, and conversion of land bequest  ownership. To obtain relocation building permit is not an easy process, but could be fulfilled because the community declared the followings: (1) community is willing to bequest their land; (2) community is willing to contribute and self-supportive in the school construction; (3) community is involved in the monitoring of school construction; (4) community is willing to enforce the agreed rules (Education department, school, YEU)

There are six people (Faolasa Harefa, Saolasa Harefa, Haugozinema Harefa, Sokhias Harefa, Maeraziduhu Harefa, Hujuardo Harefa) who are willing to bequeath their land because they are fully aware the importance of education access for their grandchildren. Community also worked together to clean the land from trees and grasses. They also actively involved in the construction process, from planning till monitoring.    

From the beginning, YEU explained to the community that YEU only has limited budget, and is not able to facilitate social cost occured. Therefore, the community conducted community meeting attended by the head of the village and prominent figures, and they agreed to save 20 % of their salary for social cost such as: first foundation ceremony and hand over ceremony. Other community contribution is provision of local materials with relatively cheaper than the market price. Materials were provided by 5 groups of local community and for construction workers (masons and co) were using rolling system from the representatives of three sub-villages. So that more people were participated in the project, with equal engagement and contribution.

Construction of three classrooms and one teachers’ room have been completed. The new school buildings have been used for teaching learning activities. While for the old buildings according to the head of master of SD Hiligambukha is going to be used for Junior High School classs; as there is no Junior High school near hiligambukha; the nearest junior high school is 6 kilometers of the village. Consencus and strong will to work together improving their village is the main key for the development of Hiligambukha. Without consencus and togetherness, village development could not be achieved. This project is not only building the infrastructure, but also strengthen social values within the community.



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Oase in Disaster - Yakkum Emergency Unit This blog is official blog of Yakkum Emergency Unit Member of ACT Alliance and Member of Humanitarian Forum of Indonesia. The contents of this blog covers the YEU's activities related to emergency responds activities in Indonesia. Currently, we are working in emergency respon in three different areas; to respond Wasior flash-flood affected people in Manokwari, West Papua, tsunami-Mentawai affected people in Mentawai, West Sumatera, and Merapi Volcano Eruption in Central Java and Yogyakarta. At the national level, we are coordinating within the network of Humanitarian Forum of Indonesia (HFI) and at the International level we're coordinating with Global Network for Disaster Reduction and ACT Alliance. Email: Follow us in twitter @yeu2001
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